Howdy! My name is Derk de Geus. I am Co-Founder of Paladin Studios, a game development studio. During 14 years as its CEO, the company has grown from two to nearly 60 people, and from zero to multi-million yearly revenues. I have now taken a step back and currently hold the part-time role of Chairman.

My journey as entrepreneur and leader forced me to take full ownership of my bullshit and incompetencies. I was only able to do this through deep inner work, mainly through self development, coaching and workshops. This is an ongoing process. I draw inspiration from Western disciplines like Psychology and management theory, to more esoteric practices like Buddhism and Shamanism. I have found most of these practices to be incredibly powerful, especially when combined.

Currently I am active as a public speaker, artist, author, and coach.

My mission is to support entrepeneurs and leaders in leveling up their leadership, with a special focus on dealing with the emotional rollercoaster and doing the inner work required to grow. Leadership is a spiritual journey unlike any other, and I aim to provide pragmatic tools and practical wisdom. I believe in doing the hard inner work instead of chasing external hacks.

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